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About me
Wine lover
My name is Alesia. I’m a trained cook and a wine lover. I studied culinary art in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. My wine knowledge comes from travelling over vineyards meeting winemakers mainly in Europe. In addition, I earned the WSET2 certification to learn the ropes.
My native cuisine
My passion in learning about food and cooking various cuisines comes from my childhood. I was born in Russia to a Tatar mom — for those of you who don’t know, Tatarstan is a republic within Russia with its own language and traditions. The cuisine would comprise of pastry with both sweet and savoury fillings, nuts, honey, meat (no pork), soups. And my father is a Belarusian. Belarus is an independent country in Eastern Europe, where main ingredient and a king is a potato — at least that’s what people think, but actually it has long traditions of game, freshwater fish, stews, soups, pancakes, etc.
Travel inspiration
I incorporate my heritage into my cooking, but I also get inspired by my travels. Each time I go somewhere, I visit a culinary school or a masterclass. I did so in Italy, Spain, Georgia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, and Japan.
Love to Ireland
If this is not a food heaven, I don’t know what is!
I live in Ireland and love this country dearly. I consider it to be my second Motherland (or third — depends on how you count). I love its nature, its amazing produce — we have lots of organic farms with fantastic vegetables, meats, and we have the sea, so our fish and seafood choice is undeniably great, we have honey, we have cheese, and we forage mushrooms.
And in this blog, I am sharing my recipes as well as my thoughts on wine
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